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Wine & Cheese of the Week


Adams Reserve New York Extra Sharp Cheddar -- $9.99lb

For over fifty years Adams Reserve has perfected their mouth-watering cheddar cheeses, and this week C’Ville Market is offering their Gold Medal-winning New York Extra Sharp Cheddar.  This cheese is naturally aged with superior sharpness in flavor, but an unexpected smoothness of texture.  This is the perfect cheese for every snack, picnic, or party.  Served with apple slices or our wine of the week, this cheese will be everyone’s favorite. 

Maipe Chakana wine label Maipe Chakana Wines -- $8.99ea
This week we have a variety of Maipe Chakana wines for our Wine special of the week.
Brilliant yellow golden color with green hints.
The wine is crisp and filled with white peach, pear, green apples flavors, toasty vanilla. Elegant and luscious wine, well balanced. Crisp and long finish.
Pairs well with creamy soups, pork, veal, vegetables.

Sauvignon Blanc
Expressive wine, fresh, very aromatic.
This Sauvignon Blanc displays grapefruit flavors, with hints of melon and honey. It finishes with bracing acidity and fresh mouth feels that make it a terrific aperitif and an excellent accompaniment to virtually all seafood, especially shellfish.
Cabernet Sauvignon
This Cabernet Sauvignon has an intense ruby red color with aromas and flavors of ripe blackcurrant, red pepper, mint, chocolate and vanilla hints. The fruit and tannins are perfectly balanced to give a wine of excellent structure making it ideal for grilled meats, game, pasta or pizza.
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