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Cheese Shop & Olive Bar

When you visit C'ville Market be sure to stop by our full-service cheese shop and olive bar. We have an eclectic assortment of cheeses from all over the world, including some from Virginia dairy farms.

In addition to the block and soft cheeses, we also make splendid cheese, fruit, or vegetable trays year round. Bonita Carter is our cheese shop manager, and she can also make wonderful suggestions for food and wine pairings.

You will also want to check out our very popular olive bar with several varieties of olives, including Kalamata olives, garlic or sundried tomato stuffed olives, peppadew peppers, and our popular marinated Greek mix. Be sure to check out all the choices on our olive bar on your next visit to C'ville Market.
olive bar

Don't forget that each week we spotlight one of our favorite wines and a versatile cheese for our Wine and Cheese of the Week specials. Join us each Friday evening from 4-6 for a tasting of both!
To find out about our Cheese and Wine of the Week specials, click here.

Sample Selections

artisancheese Mt. View Farms Local Cheeses: Located in Fairfield, Virginia this beautiful 250 acre dairy farm is currently milking around 120 Holstein, Jersey and cross-bred cows twice daily. All of their products are made with milk fresh from their cows and processed right on the farm.  You have a variety of selections to choose from at C’ville Market including Baby Swiss, Gouda, Monterey Jack with Chives, and Colby style cheeses. You will also want to try the Mountain View Fromage blanc made with herbs or with sundried tomato and garlic.
cheddar wheel Artisan Cheddar: Just like you'll find in a quaint country store, C'ville Market has many varieties of artisan cheeses like our delicious Druck's cheddars. Made in the old-fashioned cheddar wheel style, you'll find red waxed sharp cheddar and black waxed extra sharp cheddar among our many selections. Also try our Druck's raw milk cheddar, a true artisan cheese.
mozzarella Fresh Mozarella: C'ville Market always has the very best fresh mozarella in egg sized balls available on our olive bar. Once you have tried fresh mozarella in your favorite recipes or sliced onto homemade pizza, you will probably never buy shredded mozzarella again! Truly a decadent treat, we have a very affordable price on our mozzarella contained in water. Try it in stuffed shells or baked ziti for a truly authentic Italian dinner.